benjamin darville

2024        O (So Say the Circle is Round)
                Sandy Crow ‘Godard The Director’
                Pirate Carnival (La Biennale di Venezia)
                Sandy Crow ‘Regret it’                                      
2023        Thunderowl
                Bakala Angels
                Kitchen Sink Drama
                A Manifesto for Now                                        
2022        Sandy Crow ‘Waiting For Life’
                Hannah Tait ‘Darting Hither’
                Clutching At Concrete Straws
                Arthur ‘You’re So Fun’
                Creature Feature for Off The Block Magazine
                Haznat for Off The Block Magazine
                These Spinning Straight Lines (creative)
                Izzy McCormac Disney Collection                  
2021        Reek0 ‘Setting’ ft Nia Archives
                Celeste ‘Love Is Back’ (16mm)
                DIY Generation for ES Magazine
                Bree Runway for ES Magazine (bts)
                Tara Lily ‘4 Years’
                Louis Dunford (Live) for i-D Magazine
                Sandy Crow ‘If Theres a War I Started It’        
2020        Bakar ‘Play’ ft Lancey Foux
                Benjiflow ‘You Know’
                Bakar for Collectible DRY (bts)
                Bakar Stage Visuals (editor)
                Bakar Tour Promos (editor)                              
2019        A Dream Play           
2018        Chaos vs Constitution                                        
2016        techno.utopianism

Thunderowl, 2023

Thunderowl aims to excite the senses of the audience towards an event of hyper-cognitive communication. An epic myth exploring the impact of floods predicted to claim the east London docklands as sea levels rise. Developed and written through a state of collaborative improvisation, walking, recording and reacting to stimuli across this liminal space. Presented here is a series of extracts from the film. A journey into the movement of water and across the textures of time and memory defined by a world in flux.

Premiered at The Factory Project, 28.7.23